Six On Saturday

In by the skin of my teeth. I’ve been long absent from Six On Saturday but sitting in my garden avoiding football and it seemed like a good idea to dip my toe back in.

I’ve been late starting in the garden this year due to a late April holiday abroad but I’m catching up.

Plenty of colour around though and some lovely examples to share with you.


I’ve been moving this acer around the garden trying to find his happy place. He seems ok in the relative shade of the enormous pine trees so I’m going to leave him there for now. Just need to keep a close eye on him!


I grew these foxgloves last year from seed taken in 2020. They’ve been outside all winter, flourishing, and are now flowering magnificently. They are already full of bumble bees on a daily basis.


This lupin firmly refuses to flower (three years and counting) but I love him anyway.


The first of the aquilegia to flower this year. I love them so much, especially their apparent ability to change colour from one year to the next. This one was definitely much darker pink last year!


A newly acquired senetti. I have four now – three blue/purple and one bright pink.


First of the fuschia to flower. This is the largest bloom I have of about five different ones. I’ve never been able to grow them before last year. I’ve killed very many of them over the years but these current ones seem determined to stay alive!

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6 thoughts on “Six On Saturday

    1. Not sure about soil – they’re just in the pots they came in. They like full sun but they need a lot of watering when it’s really warm


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