Sound City, Liverpool 2014 – Saturday Review

Quick run through of the bands we saw on Saturday. We didn’t see the Tenements as a Bluesy type girl vocalist went on in their place while we were there but it was all running late so we didn’t stay.

We then went to the Bluecoat Chambers garden, where we had a really nice lunch, and a bottle of wine. All very civilised. Got a great table right at the front with a good view.

Dominic Dunn was amazing as always – this was the first time we’d seen him with his band – absolutely superb, three amazing backing singers that really enhances his sound.

Gentlemen Rogues up next and there was just one member of an Austin punk/rock band, they didn’t know it was supposed to be an acoustic set so they just let the singer perform. He was great but clearly didn’t realise that the Bluecoat Chambers gardens is a bit more refined than other venues and his language was a bit colourful for 3 o’clock in the afternoon, when there were old ladies and kids there.. but he was good fun (and a bit drunk). And he gave us codes to download his music and a badge!!! I’ve been listening to it all week and I love it!! I hope they come back the UK soon!

We took a brief trip away from Bluecoat to go to the Cavern to see City Walls – local 4 piece – standard rock stuff – good sound.

Back to Bluecoat for the Hummingbirds who packed the place out as they always do. They were all kinds of superb – but I’m biased, I love them to pieces. I could watch them all day!

We then got a full Silent Sleep set. Great band – really love their stuff – nice and melodic, and a bit chilled out.

After them came the highlight of the afternoon as it turned out – The Splintered Ukes. A ukele band who do cover versions!! They had the crowd up and dancing almost straight away and were brilliant. We had some Van Morrison (Brown Eyed Girl), Jessie J (Price tag), Kings of Leon (The Bucket), Radiohead (Creep), The Hummingbirds (Back in Liverpool – which we were hearing for the second time that day!!), The Coral (Dreaming of You), Mumford & Sons (Little Lion Man), The Smiths (This Charming Man)… and a bunch of other stuff too! They finished with Come On Eileen and had the whole crowd on its feet!

From here we went to the Duke Street Garage to see Embers. They were brilliant – really loud and raucous, and great guitar playing going on. They did about half an hour, then threw their guitars down and left. Loved the attitude of the whole set – pretty much “listen, don’t listen, we don’t care”…. only spoilt a little bit by the singer sneaking back on to pick up his guitar and check it was ok as we were all leaving, 

We then went up to Studio 2 and unfortunately caught the end of a god awful heavy metal band. Then Famy came on. Wish they hadn’t – they were dreadful, self-indulgent art school nonsense that wasn’t even in tune most of the time.

The evening was saved by our second time seeing Dominic Dunn. Full band again, with drums this time. He did 3 or 4 songs different from the afternoon set, and they sounded even better inside. This young man is destined for greatness.

We headed back down to Duke Street but couldn’t get in to see the Kooks – the security guards were stopping people getting down into the area so that was about 4 venues we couldn’t access. Not sure if they were being over vigilant but I have read reports elsewhere that it was indeed very busy inside the cordon, so will have to give them the benefit of the doubt!