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I love dandelions. On the face of it they seem to be a really cheerful flower. Just getting on with it…. no fuss, bright and sunny. Then one day they go all ethereal and mysterious and become seed bearers, sending out the next generation into the surrounding areas.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the gigs we have been to this year.

Quick gallery of photos from the last few years.

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I’ve had an amazing year taking photos of local bands – from HopeFest to Jimmy & The Revolvers single launch just last month and working with The Late Night Oil while they were in the studio. I am getting better and better as I get more experience and since I took the plunge and taught myself a few post-processing tricks I think my photographs are pretty good!

Since my earlier posts about Facebook I have shifted slightly towards Flickr. The quality of images there is much higher and although I still use my Facebook page I also upload everything to Flickr so you can see my photographs in all their hi-res glory. Have a look at these Flickr accounts and see for yourself.

My stuff –

Hopefest –


So I just had one of my photographs used on a CD cover. After the initial squealing and OMG’ing (is that a word now?) had died down I thought – I really do need to tell more people about my photography otherwise how will people know. So I set up a Facebook page. After all, that’s where the vast majority of my photos end up. A few go to Flickr and Viewbug but I have more friends and contacts on Facebook so that’s where I share.

So here’s the deal. I’m a good photographer, I have a good eye for composition and I’m reasonably well versed with the technical side of my camera. I have a good camera (I’m a Canon girl) and some great lenses. I love live music – money and time allowing I would go to a gig every night of the week – there is nothing better than watching talented musicians and singers do their thing.

I am in awe of anyone that can strum a guitar or hold a tune. I can do neither. What I can do is spend a little time watching a band and then come up with a great set of shots. It’s about watching how the singer holds the mike, how the band members interact with each other, watching what the venue are doing with the lights. For bands whose music I already love it’s knowing when that long guitar solo is coming, or an epic drumming section is about to start. This is what makes me a good photographer.

What I’m not is a professional photographer. I don’t have 3 or 4 cameras (at a push I have 2 if I can persuade my husband to lend me his 😉 ), I don’t have every single lens I would like. What I have is a passion for live music and a love of taking photographs. So if you’re a band/singer in Liverpool and you want some photos taken that are better than the ones your mates take on their phones, but don’t cost an arm and a leg get in touch. Bartering is alive and well and photos can be exchanged for guest passes and a sneaky glass of wine!

I’m also really keen to get into promo type photography – not studio stuff because right now I don’t have any lights, but we live in an amazingly photogenic city – why not have a few outdoor, iconic shots taken for your band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts! Again bartering is the way forward.

Get in touch with me through this blog (here), or through my new Facebook page. You can see some of my own personal favourite photos on the Facebook page so have a look and give me a shout if you think we could work together.

Daniel Ross - Rosenblume
Daniel Ross – Rosenblume

And I know you’re just dying to know which photograph of mine was used, and on which CD, aren’t you! So here it is:  the fabulous new single from Rosenblume called Knight In Shining Armour.  It’s a beautiful song and I’m so proud that my image is being used to publicise it. You can visit their Bandcamp page here. Facebook is here, and also Twitter if that’s your thing.

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

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