Sunny Day Out…….

We had a hire car last weekend and as the weather was so gorgeous we decided to keep it an extra day and go out somewhere.  Monday was absolutely beautiful so we headed up north to the Lake District. It’s only an hour and a half away from Liverpool and we had a clear run through – no hold ups anywhere – minor miracle!  We headed for Lake Windermere and arrived just before lunch.

After we parked the car we wandered along the lake side – and noticed a boat trip that was just about to leave so we quickly got tickets and got on board. I’ve not been to the Lakes since I was a kid and I’d forgotten how stunningly beautiful it is. The views across the like are breath-taking.

View from Bowness
View from Bowness

The west shoreline of the lake is completely covered in trees – very beautiful. It belonged to Beatrix Potter originally but she left it to the National Trust in her will and now it is protected.

West Shore of Lake Windermere
West Shore of Lake Windermere

After a very pleasant sail around the lake we headed up into town.  I got forced into the Pandora shop, and made to buy two new charms for my bracelet. It happens a lot. A quick mooch around and we settled on the Angel Inn for lunch. Fish and chips and a cheese ploughman’s later and we headed back to the lake side.  An empty bench was beckoning us and we indulged in half an hour’s people watching.  Highlight was the incredibly lucky Japanese girl who insisted on petting the very large swan sitting on the side of the lake. In all my years I have never seen anyone pet one of those things without losing a finger or an eye – but she managed to stroke the swan a couple of times and just got hissed at! Impressive.

swan sitting by lake
swan sitting by lake

It was time to head back to Liverpool and we had an equally smooth run back on the motorway. Monday nights are always one of my favourites and I headed down to the Cavern Pub for the regular open mic night. A great end to a lovely day.

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