Thomas McConnell’s SoundCloud Set

  1. Stop in the Shade
  2. So Long Souvenirs
  3. Penelope Definitely
  4. Lonely Mr Bigshot
  5. It’s Johnny’s Birthday
  6. Got No Feet, No Wheat, No Eggs
  7. Chocolate Window

There are two things you should know before you read this review. Number one, I’m a huge fan of Mr McConnell, so this review will be unashamedly biassed. The other thing is that Tom is a huge Beatles/McCartney devotee and that influence is so clear that I’m not going to keep referring to it. Just to say that you could do worse than be influenced by giants of the music world such as Lennon and McCartney.

This 7 song SoundCloud set is a perfect introduction to Tom’s music. From the upbeat Penelope Definitely through to the melancholy of So Long Souvenirs to the craziness of Got No Feet, No Wheat, No Eggs you get a great idea of the range of this hugely talented singer songwriter from Liverpool.

I hate reviews where someone gives you a blow-by-blow account of the lyrics. I’d rather not try to interpret someone’s words and meanings because lyrics are so personal.  I will tell you that So Long Souvenirs is a beautifully melancholy piece, which gets inside your head and you find yourself humming it during quiet moments in the day.  Penelope Definitely is my favourite track of the seven, Tom’s slightly drawling, self-assured delivery belies the vulnerability in the lyric and this is the song I find myself replaying over and over.

Lonely Mr Bigshot demonstrates very strong story telling skills and paints a very whimsical image of the song’s protagonist. It’s Johnny’s Birthday is perhaps the weakest song in the set for me, a little too ponderous for my taste.

Stop In The Shade is a fabulous toe tapping experience. It’s the one I love to see live because Tom always looks like he really enjoys playing this song. This is a very obvious song for radio consumption – if I had to pick a single from this set, it would be this one.  Oh and the guitar riff in the middle of this song never fails to make me smile. Chocolate Window is more of the same with a slightly psychedelic back beat running through it.

Got No Feet, No Wheat, No Eggs – I have to confess this song is a crazy mystery to me. Its raucous anarchy is an obvious nod to the prog rock behemoths that Tom is too young to have experienced first hand but any meaning in the lyrics is lost on me in the joyous cacophony of sound that the song turns into. But anyone that uses a theremin in a song is ok with me – Sheldon would be proud.

Tom plays all the instruments and wrote all the songs in this set, his prodigious talent is evident. A very accomplished guitar player who is also a gifted keyboard player. At 19 years old and based in the music capital of the world, he can only have a huge future ahead of him.

Have a listen to the SoundCloud set here.  You can also follow Tom and find out where you can see him live via his Facebook page.

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