Blogging Prompts

So I decided to do a quick search for a prompt to kick-start my brain this hot, sunny June evening and I found this:

Share 5 Fictional Friends you’d want in real life. (Movie/Book/TV etc.)

I’m going to start with just one…. I need more time to think about the others…

So because the word Friends is right in there and I tend to watch about six episodes a week anyway, that’s where my brain went first. Monica.  I would love to be Monica’s friend.  Not just because she’s a great cook, though it’s undoubtedly a big factor.  Remember when you started watching Friends and you talked (to your own friends) about who you wanted to be, or who you thought you were like?  Well of course everyone wants to be Rachel.  She’s beautiful, sexy, a little bit self involved but all in all she’s a good person.  She has a generous heart and is fiercely loyal.  They sound like great character traits.

But I always identified more with Monica, with her overwhelming nurturing OCD riddled love for everyone – that’s who I wanted to be and definitely a person I could be friends with.  I have my own little weird OCD tendencies, sadly not so much in the house cleaning arena, but I totally identify with the crazy, mind-blowing annoyance of finding something in your home just slightly out-of-place, and the desperate need to just sidle up to it and restore it to its rightful place.

I love her self belief surrounding her place at the centre of the group – that she is the one that feeds and nurtures everyone, the one that everyone comes to when they need advice or help or pie. I love her practicality, always ready with a solution or a plan. I admire her need to play fair and within a set of boundaries. But most of all I love her capacity to love her friends, even when they are driving her mad and pushing all her buttons. I think Monica and I would be really good friends.

Other people I’m thinking about including in my list: Bella from Twilight (if only to slap her and stop her being so whiny), Juliet from Nashville, one of Trudi Canavan’s heroines, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, going back a bit further in time – Odysseus or Achilles. How about you?





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