Challenge Four – Monochrome and an older photograph

So I groaned when I saw this title. I just threw away hundreds of old photos that I felt I would never scrap. I have a new life and I’ve scrapped that old part of my life already and I have no desire to keep revisiting it. So out they all went (I did keep the digital versions on a hard drive – I’m not completely heartless, I just don’t need them taking up physical space).

So the oldest photos I have printed are from January 2012. So that’s my “old”. My monochrome colour for this one is blue. I have no idea where the paper came from and I’m enjoying discovering my paper supplies again. The waves were apt because the photos were taken down by Liverpool’s waterfront and the scraps of material were near the top of my sewing box and caught my eye.

The journalling talks about how I love having a willing model – Pete will stand in front of anything so I can take a photo!

ShimelleWeekend - 1 (3)

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