We got to London just after lunch time on Thursday – headed straight for the hotel from Euston. We’d booked a “secret” hotel with – ended up in the Guoman Charing Cross hotel – one of the beautiful “railway station hotels” in London. It’s a wonderful modern hotel on the inside but from the outside you can see the glory of its former days!

After we checked in we wandered round Trafalgar Square. Then we went a bit further afield and were soon on Whitechapel at Horse Guards Parade. We crossed through the grounds (where the beach volley ball is due to be held in the summer!) and into St James’s Park.  It’s a lovely little park and is home to lots of pigeons (evicted from Trafalgar Square no doubt), ducks and squirrels.

A quick squint at Buckingham Palace (dull and a bit disappointing) then up the Mall and back round to St James’s Park, and back up to Trafalgar Square for a late lunch in Garfunkels. Next on the list was Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (fabulous building despite its residents), followed by Cleopatra’s Needle. A few beers and then an early night with a bottle of wine and some tv.

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