Up, up and away….

Friday morning and we got up early to go down to the South Bank to go on the London Eye. Despite not being sponsored by British Airways we were still wished a pleasant flight by the ticket desk – always makes me smile.

The views from the Eye are stunning, even on a relatively grey day like Friday was, and it’s something that everyone should do at least once. Heights are not my favourite thing but the ride is so slow and smooth that you forget exactly what’s really happening. Well, at least until your pod reaches the very top of the circle – I always have a bit of a “wobble” at this point and today was no exception! But it’s soon over and we’re heading back down again. I love the way the skyline in London changes so rapidly – the newest addition being The Shard – a stunning piece of architecture that is now dominating the south side of the river.

After the eye we headed back to Trafalgar Square for some breakfast. Then it was off to the British Museum. This is one of my favourite museums in the world – such a wide range of exhibits and a lovely space to be in. We started off in the Egyptian section (Pete’s favourite) and then through to the Assyrians (my favourite) and from there to the Elgin marbles (sorry – the Parthenon exhibit – they’re very careful not to call them the Elgin marbles anymore!). A quick scout round the mexican exhibits and then we went to say hello to the Moai (or Easter Island figures). In a very bizarre coincidence while we were visiting the lone Moai in the British Museum, my friend Jen was actually on Easter Island visiting the other Moai. The lone Moai in England is referred to on Easter Island as “The Missing Friend”…. very sad.

After the museum we headed up into Soho and had a few drinks. Back to the hotel to get changed and then out for our favourite food – Thai!  Another early(ish) night back at the hotel.

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