Markets and Ships….


Saturday morning had us getting up early and heading up to Camden Market. I have always loved Camden – it’s changed a lot since I first visited and has lost a lot of its quirkiness but there are still some fantastic market stalls and the food is wonderful. We arrived very early – just after 10:30 and there were very few people there.

I bought a couple of bags (a bag fetish, moi? no. Well no more than I have a shoe fetish) – a little owly thing and a Converse messenger bag.

After a quick bite to eat (Pete had pork from a hog roast and I had a turkish feta and spinach wrap) we headed back to the hotel where I picked up my camera (didn’t take it to Camden cos it’s flippin’ heavy) and we headed up to Greenwich, first stop The Cutty Sark. This famous clipper ship has been fully restored since the terrible fire in 2007 and it looks absolutely stunning. It’s only been opened again for a few weeks and I thought it would be unbearably busy but it was fine – they seem to control the queues very well, and almost seemed to be limiting the numbers going in and out.

From here we headed up through Greenwich park to the Observatory on the hill – it’s a bit steep up there but it’s worth the walk – and this was the sunniest afternoon we had all weekend. The observatory is a little bit dry for me but it’s one of those “must see” things in London really – a truly historic place.

Decided to go back via Greenwich DLR – big mistake – much further away than the Cutty Sark stop! And then I had my only travel related issue all weekend! We jumped on a DLR train that was just leaving without checking the destination and the boards inside told me it was going the wrong way so we got off at the next stop only to realise it was actually going the right way and the displays inside were wrong. Doh!! Luckily the DLR runs every 4 or 5 minutes so in no time we were heading back into town.

We got back to the hotel and had a couple of hours before we were going out to dinner with Pete’s brother and his girlfriend so we just lazed round and watched tv. I am totally sick of this Olympic thing already and it’s not even started yet. Another reason I’m glad I live in Liverpool and not down south – I think the news coverage is going to be unbearable once it starts! I’m hoping my local news crews won’t be so obsessed with it all!!

Jumped the tube up to Islington. Got out at Angel (longest escalator on the Tube system – it rises 27 metres) and met up with Chris and Ellie. We went for a few beers and then more Thai food (told you it was our favourite) then a last couple of drinks whilst we found out the score at the Chelsea v Bayern game. We decided to pop into the bar at the hotel for a nightcap – wow – that was expensive!! I normally don’t flinch at large bar bills but £20 for a glass of wine and a JD and coke seemed steep even to me!! It was a very good glass of Chardonnay though!

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